Replacement Hybrid Car Batteries for all Makes/Models & Years

The Benefits of Reconditioning a Hybrid Battery

From the Honda Civic Hybrid Battery to our Toyota Camry hybrid battery, Best Hybrid Batteries has reconditioned hybrid batteries for our customers out of almost every type of hybrid vehicle. We have witnessed the benefits of this hybrid battery reconditioning process and will outline those here, such as improved battery performance and increased gas mileage. Our reconditioning process has evolved over the years as we have continued optimizing for improved results. Currently, the process requires approximately 24 hours, not including the time it takes to remove the battery from the car, disassemble the battery, or to reassemble the battery and re-install it in the vehicle after the reconditioning process is over.

Benefits of Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

One of the benefits of our hybrid battery reconditioning process can be seen in the graph below. Here we are charting the average energy (Wh) of the battery cells prior to reconditioning, compared to the average energy after the 1st or 2nd cycles of reconditioning. When done well, reconditioning requires simultaneously operating on all cells in the pack individually, as seen in the picture on the right of our equipment set-up that was custom built for this purpose. We can routinely gain 50% energy improvements in each cell, which ultimately translates into longer battery lifetime. Our customers also frequently report improved miles per gallon in the vehicle after reconditioning.

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