Replacement Hybrid Car Batteries for all Makes/Models & Years

Best Hybrid Batteries

At Best Hybrid Batteries we have passion for developing new technology and measurement approaches to battery testing, reconditioning, and remanufacturing. We believe batteries surround our way of life in the 21st century, finding ever expanding usage in powering our most important investments, including the vehicles we drive and the homes where we live.

The hybrid and electric vehicle batteries of today and the future are rechargeable, not single use, and they represent a large investment when the vehicle was purchased. Our proprietary reconditioning and testing procedures have proven that these batteries can be made to last very long lives with proper care and maintenance. As a result, vehicle owners facing hybrid battery issues have better options compared to purchasing a replacement battery from the car dealer.

In many cases, hybrid battery issues don't appear in a vehicle until 8-10 years after it was manufactured. While the vehicle is still worth the investment to keep it operating, it may not warrant the high cost of a brand new replacement battery. Best Hybrid Batteries offers a very competitive alternative: our batteries are in like new condition and have equal performance to a dealer replacement, with a much longer warranty and considerably lower price.

While some other companies remanufacture different levels of battery quality for a single vehicle, at Best Hybrid Batteries we believe in a different approach. Each battery we manufacture represents who we are, and our mission is to build "Only The Best" hybrid battery packs for our customers each time - because that is what you deserve.

Other companies also charge a premium for battery installation service, claiming that hybrid battery installation is dangerous and should only be performed by highly trained personnel. Truthfully, anyone who wants to install our batteries themselves can easily do so using our step by step instructions, video guides, and included tool set available to ship with each battery purchase. We also understand that not everyone wants to follow the DIY approach, in some cases you need to take your car to a mechanic for installation, and we can help locate the right service shop. If you happen to be in the Chicagoland and surrounding area, we can perform installation at one of our facilities or through our Mobile Install Service.