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          5 of 5 stars dccmadams44

I bought a hybrid battery pack for my 2005 Prius a few months ago. I installed it myself, with no problems. My mileage has gone up to around 47mpg overall. This is a 5mpg increase from the last couple years. Michael was very helpful. Thank you.

- Review by dccmadams44
          5 of 5 stars John A.

My Prius developed a problem with the hybrid battery pack after 100k miles and I did not want to pay the high cost for dealer replacement! Best Hybrid Batteries made a house call and installed in 45 min. a reconditioned pack that has been working nicely. The service fellow was very courteous and answered all my questions (which were many, as I am an engineer). This appears to be a good solution! It's not cheap but I think has good value.

- Review by John A.
          5 of 5 stars Philip W.

Great people to deal with, quick response, great product and saved me a ton of money and got a better warranty than if I had bought through Toyota.

- Review by Philip W.
          5 of 5 stars Nascaroni

Great experience from beginning to now. I won't say end because I'm a customer for life. The techs were amazing and professional. After my battery change I have gotten 4 to 5 more miles a gallon on an 11 year old Prius. Awesome job.

- Review by Nascaroni
          5 of 5 stars Keith W.

My experience with Best Hybrid Batteries was outstanding! My 2005 Prius battery failed at 260,000 miles. I really love the car, and everything else is still working flawlessly on it. I didn't want to pay the high price for a new battery in an 11 year old vehicle though. After a great deal of blog reading about replacing the Prius hybrid battery, I found a recommendation for them in a comment for one of the blogs.I loved the fact that there was enough info. on the website to answer my initial questions. And, they had a phone number that connected me to a very knowledgable technician who talked me through some more specific questions. The deal-makers for me were the cost compared to other online companies, the warranty compared to other online companies, the 6 month free financing through PayPal, the personal phone service, and quick, personal installation service in my own garage!There is nothing negative about this company. I would encourage everyone to use them. If you're close to the Chicago area, have them come and service your vehicle. If not, have them send you a battery. Either way, you cannot do better. Just like their name says, BEST Hybrid Battery!

- Review by Keith W.
          5 of 5 stars Paul S.

Let's see, tough decision; Pay dealer $3600 for installation of a brand new hybrid battery for a 12 year old Prius or pay $1467 for unlimited miles/ 3 year guarantee. Thanks Mike for a great job!!

- Review by Paul S.
          5 of 5 stars John C.

Recently the hybrid battery on our 2005 Prius started started showing signs of weakness, and we checked on replacement costs with our Toyota dealer. With 130K miles on the car we were reluctant to spend $4000 and were fortunate to find Best Hybrid Batteries in Shorewood, about 45 minutes from us. For a fraction of the Toyota estimate, they replaced our battery with one containing new modules. The car has performed like new since routinely logging over 50 mpg on local trips, and the new battery holds its charge fine. Mike, the owner, got us in very quickly and my total time there from arrival to departure was 60 minutes. I would highly recommend Best Hybrid Batteries to any Prius owners facing this issue.

- Review by John C.
          5 of 5 stars Dennis A.

My 2005 Prius with 130k miles battery started acting up. Took to Toyota and $3100, another place in town $2100, both places said it would be a 4 hour job. Thank God I found Mike and Best Hybrid Batteries. You will not find a more cordial, honest and great guy and company to work with. Drove to my house in Champaign and was in and out 60 minutes with me talking to him most of the time. Overall great experience, do not think twice about using. What an innovator and great customer service to boot.

- Review by Dennis A.
          5 of 5 stars Harish R.

It's been two months since I had the batteries on my 2005 Prius replaced and the car's been running trouble free. My experience with Best Hybrid Batteries was very pleasant. When my batteries started to die, I contacted Mike Bradley via email. He responded promptly and patiently detailed the process and scheduled an appointment to perform the change-out. The work was performed professionally and very quickly (less than an hour) - everything checked out and I was on my way with a new reconditioned battery. I would recommend Best Hybrid Batteries without reservation. Thank you, Mike!

- Review by Harish R.