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          5 of 5 stars Lola W

Our 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid's hybrid battery started to fail quite suddenly and being in Canada I already knew that there weren't any tech businesses nearby where we could get a rebuilt/refurbished hybrid battery. I had seen one business near a hotel we were staying at in 2014 on the American East Coast, so I knew they were available. Our local Honda Dealership wasn't very helpful plus we had just put our car up for sale before the Winter. I searched on the Internet and found Best Hybrid Batteries and then I did my homework. I also phoned Mike Bradley, the owner, several times and each time I got a very good answer to my many questions. Our Honda was the 2nd Generation Civic Hybrid and I was informed that that car was a particularly easy vehicle to do the swap out of the battery....perhaps 45 minutes to an hour. I ordered the battery but had it delivered to Mike's Parcel Pick-Up in Pembina, N.D. The Fedex costs of shipping direct to Winnipeg was in the $500+ range and the Fedex Return cost to and from Pembina was around $80.00. Pembina is only 60 miles South of Winnipeg. Our experience was 100% positive with Best Hybrid Batteries. I've never done something like this myself but I do like the experience of doing something new and having it work out really well. We had no trouble at the Canada-USA Border. Prior to crossing into the USA I stopped at the Canadian Customs to tell them what I was going to do and then asked them what could I expect upon my return. Everything went well. I paid my PST & GST and went home. I swapped out the battery referencing the steps provided by Best Hybrid Batteries and took all their precautionary advice 100%. Had I known how easy it was to do I might have changed the battery out while in Pembina had the weather been nicer. Upon the new installation the car worked just like new. I would highly recommend doing the same thing to anybody faced with the same problem. Once the old battery was repackaged into the shipping box we drove back down to Pembina and then applied for a partial PST/GST refund on $500.00 USD that we got for the core when Best Hybrid Batteries got our original hybrid battery back.

- Review by Lola W
          5 of 5 stars Mark S.

I will recommend Best Hybrid Batteries to anyone with a hybrid car. The service was exceptional, the price was way below the dealer, and the technician was great.

- Review by Mark S.
          4 of 5 stars Ryan B.

I called everywhere trying to arrange to get a battery. The folks at best hybrid battery were very kind to me I was short a couple hundred dollars and they said they would cancel the core charge and send it to me as long as I gave them my word I would send the old battery back. I looked up a YouTube video and installed the battery myself. I have had it in my car about a month. My car is running like it used to the check engine and battery light is off and I couldn't be happier with my purchase

- Review by Ryan B.
          5 of 5 stars Jim S.

I have used Best Hybrid Batteries several times for my customers who simple can not/refuse to pay the astronomical prices the dealerships establish. Best Hybrid Batteries diagnostic methods of evaluating the condition of your battery pack is far superior than simply just replacing it. You now have several options opposed to just one. Not only is the work top-notch it will save you a considerable amount of money.

- Review by Jim S.